Thesis supervised:


1.Ayşe Karagöz, Synthesis and characterization of micelle-forming, biocompatible, biodegradable and positively charged polymers, YTU, Bioengineering, 2007-2009.

2.Emine Kahraman, Application of Polylactide-PEG-PEI and Polycaprolactone-PEG-PEI in nasal drug delivery, (co-advisor: Prof.Dr. Yıldız Özsoy, İstanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy), 2009-2011.

3.Gürhan Uzunalan, Preparation of silver nanopartcile loaded, porous tissue engineering scaffolds for burn-wound healing, YTU, Bioengineering, (co-advisor: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kadriye Tuzlakoğlu, Yalova University), 2009-2011.

4.Zeynep Özdemir, Synthesis and characterization of HPMA-Vinylpyridine copolymers by RAFT Method YTU, Bioengineering, 2009-2011.

5.Şule Koca, Copolymers of PEGMA-VP: Reactivity ratios and pDNA complexes, YTU, Bioengineering, 2011-2013.

6.Gülşah Balamut, Antibacterial HPMA-VP-based cryogels, YTU, Bioengineering, 2011-.

7.Cemre Demirkan, HPMA/VP-based wound dressing materials, YTU, Bioengineering,2012-2014.

8.Seçil Soyutemiz, Course period, AGU, 2013-.


1.Murat Toğuzoğulları, Synthesis and characterization of drug or gene carrying amphiphilic block copolymers by RAFT Method, YTU, 2009- 2013.

2.Eray Dalgakıran, Characterization of polymer/protein complexes, YTU, 2009-2013.