Asst.Prof.Dr Şerife AYAZ GÜNER

I received my B.S. and MSc from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. I moved to US for Ph.D. training at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where I obtained a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology Program under the mentorship of Dr. Wei Xu. During my graduate work, I focused on estrogen receptor palmitoylation and estrogen dependent rapid signaling pathways. Because of my long term interest in PTMs and cell signaling, I joined the Ying Ge’s group as a post-doctoral researcher in January 2014. I applied a variety of different separation and mass spectrometry techniques to investigate heart disease-related changes in protein expression and post-translational modifications. Ultimately, I aim to combine my knowledge and skills in cell biology with proteomics techniques to contribute to the understanding of disease progression and development of new therapeutic targets. 

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