Personel Experience

Highlights of Professional Experience

R&D Patent Engineer, Arçelik A.Ş., İstanbul, Turkey, 04.2011 to 10. 2011

• Examined the relevant prior art and analyzed scientific/technical documents.

• Compared cited prior art document with the patent application and determining the scope of the filed application in relation to every cited document to ensure the application does not cover the contents of the prior art.

• Written detailed descriptions and their claim sets of the inventions in precise legal terms, which form the basis for patent to be granted by patent offices.

• Prepared responses to office actions in patent cases.

3rd Lieutenant, Turkish Armed Force, Ankara, Turkey, 12.2009 to 11.2010

Patent Attorney (Freelance), Yetkin Patent Office, Ankara, Turkey, 09.2006 to 12.2009

Patent Engineer, Ankara Patent Bureau, Ankara, Turkey, 09.2004 to 02. 2006